Embarrassment and life

I have not posted in a while as life got busy.  I recently dealt with a few encounters where embarrassment was had and thought I would share in hopes that others realize you can get past it.

TSA, man o man do I ever have some stories about the TSA.  Some agents are great, some airports are better than others, and some are just down right rude or untrained.  Generally most are good people just trying to do a crap job.

Here is one of the stories –

Recently I passed through the Reno airport.  I had arrived and was feeling like my diaper was rather wet.  There are unfortunately no restrooms on the end of the airport with the airline counters so I took my bag to the airline counter and checked it in.  As I headed to the gates, I stopped into the restroom and changed into a fresh diaper and cleaned up.  It was the “spare” I keep in my backpack and usually I am good until I get home so I was not worried.  I was feeling clean and hungry before my flight and wanted to get a bite.  I headed to the TSA checkpoint and put my bag on the counter and headed through the metal detector.  Upon being chosen for random scan after passing through the metal detector, I was motioned to step into the full body scanner.   I stepped in and as usual, it struck on my groin as an anomaly.  As the guy started to pat me down and came to my backside, he stopped and spent a little extra time.  He asked me what he felt and I then informed him that a private room might be in order.  We waited for a second male and we were on our way.  I have done this numerous times before and the outcome is always different.  This time, once in the room I informed them of my incontinence and that I was wearing a diaper.  They were perplexed and unsure what to do.  One stepped out to talk to a supervisor.  Upon return, he asked me to lift my shirt and provided a very aggressive pat down.  Then he asked me to stick my hands into my waist band and move them around.  He tested them for explosives and it was negative.  Just as I was being allowed to leave one called me back and said I would need to wait.  He informed me the Director of the TSA at the airport could not fathom a young man in a diaper was on the up and up and wanted to involve the police.  They did not seem interested so he stepped in and told me I would have to remove my diaper and go through the security checkpoint again.  I told him I did not have a spare diaper and that taking it off pretty much destroys the tapes and it would make for a messy flight.  At this point he informed me that I would not be allowed to continue on until I could.  He forced me to return to the airline baggage counter, they retrieved my bag from the plane, and he had me open it and take out one of my spares.  I returned the bag to them and with diaper in hand followed him back to the restrooms.  He left me and I took off the now rather wet diaper and changed – again.  This time I went right through the metal detector and nothing was said.  An hour wasted for nothing.  His lack of training in the appropriate manner for clearing people with medical issues was obvious.

I was so angry that day that I had stopped worrying about people seeing me walk through the airport with an adult diaper in hand.

In the end, no one but this bozo said anything to me.  No one seemed to care and just went about their business.  I have never had anyone ask me about a bulge in the front why my pants did not seem to have a crease in the rear.  They might just mind their own business or they may never notice.  Most are so tied to their own lives and phones or tablets they rarely seem to notice others more or less specific like someone that might be padded up.

In the end, if you deal with incontinence you should be proud of your adult manner in which you deal with it, and not worry about what others might think or say.  My underwear is just different from others, but it does not make me any different.  I hope you feel the same and not ashamed in any way.