Incontinence as a young adult

I am not sure just where I am going with this blog right now.  I would like to relate to others what life is like when you need to wear diapers.  I have dealt with urinary leakage for almost 14 years now.

It started with just finding that my underwear was wet after visiting the bathroom.  Today I get spasms that are followed by an inability to hold the floodgates back.

Being in my late thirties and working in an environment building computer systems, learning how to deal has been an adventure.  My hope is others can read and relate to my experiences and live without shame or frustration if dealing with similar situations.

Over the years I have seen the doctors and tried many medicines.  I found most caused me to have dry mouth, headaches, or other side effects that led to my ceasing using them.  I also found that if they helped, they never totally fixed things.  I figured if I have to still wear a pad, why deal with the effects of the drugs.

A couple of years ago I kind of gave up on medicine and my life has been less stressful since.  I still try to use the toilet every chance I get if I can.  However,  diapers are now just my underware.  At first I was concerned, what if someone sees a bulge, what if I leak, what if what if….  It was distracting and frustrating.  Lately, I can tell sometimes at the end of the day that I look to have a diaper butt or a bulge up front.  I have yet to be approached by anyone about it though.  I am not sure what I would say if I was.

As I bring this site together, I hope to provide more focused conversation about the hows, whys, products, ideas, etc that I use my daily life that help me move along.  I hope you will find this helpful.


3 thoughts on “Incontinence as a young adult”

  1. do you also soil your diapers? The soiling is the hard part. Middle of night, bike ride, after lunch.If I do it at work I must leave and come home to clean up.I must always wear gary briefs over diaper to contain odor by they are hot in summer and chaffe.

    1. I have had a few incidents but do not feel I am dealing with bowel incontinence just yet. I am chalking it up to a fluke or such, but it has caught me off guard a few times. I do thank god for the diaper on those days, and the wipes in my backpack save my tail (pun intended)!

      I have thought of possibly trying a – gasp – butt plug for days when I have concern or know I might be walking a lot (this makes it much more likely I find). I am not sure I am to that point yet though. I would love to hear more about how you deal with this issue!

  2. I had wetting episode as a kid and college student and more recently after drinking alcohol. Now I am still young, 42 and I have no bowel or bladder control at all. I wear adult briefs all the time. I don’t use onesies because they chaffe. Try nylon wrestling singlets instead – and get some barrier film for your groin.

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