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I found myself working alone on a large project this week.  Each day I had to walk 1 mile to the site to work from the hotel as renting a car was too expensive.  All in all, I am fine with walking.  What I was not prepared for was the rash that developed.

Each day I would prepare for things appropriately.  I find that I get to working and all of a sudden have bladder spasms.  The problem is that I am usually deep within a data center and the closest bathroom is a long walk that is preceded by needing to secure things before I leave.  My bladder does not agree with this and just say here we go.  Therefore, I wear diapers.  Yep I said it – the D word.
Knowing the situation well, I have found a solution that usually gets me by.  I have a great backpack in which I keep two extra diapers and some wipes and A&D cream.  I have progressed from pads to pullups to diapers over the years.  I will go one day into the different levels/makers and how I find them.  Right now I am using either Abena M4 or ABU Simple diapers.  They are both rather thick, but hold up well.  I also use a booster with SAP and a pad with pulp.  One distributes the wetness, while the other absorbs and expands.  Together with the diaper and good leak guards, I can get a good 6-8 hours or more if I dehydrate (BAD NEWS).

Well wearing a diaper and working long days leads to rather bulky material between the legs.  I use an adult onesie to help hold things in place and with all of the walking I found the rubbing to be rather uncomfortable. I find that during these times, the use of some Vaseline Cocoa Butter or Bag Balm is a life saver.

I had to change my diaper in the Data Center bathroom one day as it was just done but I was not.  I felt bad for having to leave it in the trash, but I try to be kind and carry plastic grocery bags to put them in and tie them up.  I do this in the hotel room as well.  No reason to make others need to deal with my trash in a way that is any more unpleasant than is needed.

Hotel rooms – overall hotel staff do not seem to care.  I found one time in Vegas to be awkward but yet not.  Generally, when you arrive late you do not need to worry about the staff coming in after they have cleaned up once.  This time, I left my bag and stuff on the bed when I arrived and left right away to meet some friends.  When I came back my bag was on the sofa, the bed turned down with a mint on the pillow and oddly a diaper and my sleep pants that I had laid out were next to the pillow.  I took it as genuine niceness.  Others might feel invaded, but I think they were rather caring and nice about it.  Most hotels understand that there is a percentage of their clientele that have issues and will deal with it very well.

TSA – that is a whole new story for another day.

Stay dry and happy.




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  1. I have no flown since I became IC. I just know I’l l deficate on the plane and I can’t clean up in that bathroom. What do bowel control people do for travel?

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